Martial Arts for Teens
(Ages 12-17)

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It can be very challenging being a Teenager today because of the anxiety from peer pressure and social media overload.

We have the ultimate way for your teenager to:

✔︎ Build self-esteem
✔︎ Play less video games 🎮 🎮
✔︎ Make good choices
✔︎ Improve their body fitness and strength
✔︎ Become self-motivated
✔︎ Learn solid bully defense
✔︎ Have fun and make new friends

Find out below how we will improve your teenager’s strength physically as well as Emotionally, Socially, and Intellectually.

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Emotional Development

Most teens are dealing with emotional and physical changes that accompany puberty.

It is normal for your teen to feel uncertain, emotional, sensitive, and self-conscious at times. They are trying to find their own identity so they will often experience mood swings.

Our martial arts program will help your teenager to make good choices by teaching them to rely on their own core instincts and being honest despite their internal doubt and anxieties.

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Physical Development

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Teenagers are typically looking to improve their body image, athleticism, and may even look for a safe venue to fight weight gain.

However, due to their growth spurs and changing hormones you can find them at times being

Our program is designed to build self motivation and effort through positive motivation. They will be presented with challenges to build their physical strength, momentum, and agility through spin and jump kicks, board breaking, and advanced self defense techniques.

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Social Development

Teenagers spend more time with their friends and care much more about what their peers think about them. Thus, they tend to make social choices based on what their friends like and don’t like.

Our goal is to help them to have an ethical vision of life by seeing the big picture and making social decisions based on good character.

Our goal is to teach your child that it is ok to make mistakes and the proper social behavior is to learn from them and work hard to fix them.

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Intellectual Development

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Teenagers are extremely smart, but can be aloof when something doesn’t challenge them. Their critical thinking skills are top-notch, but their decision-making skills are typically the exact opposite.

Our goal is to teach them how to apply focus and effort to the simplest activities and demonstrate good decision making skills by having the proper reaction when put under pressure

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Leadership Program

Our Leadership and Legacy Program is a combination of Toastmasters International and Scouts. It is a public speaking and personal development curriculum for kids.

Public speaking is the #1 fear of all time and we have the right tools to help your teen improve their communication skills.

3 main goals of our Leadership Program is for your Teen to improve in:

  1. Communication - Having a confident, clear voice and proper hand gestures

  2. Presentation - Using positive body language and eye contact

  3. Self-Motivation - Developing drive to excel and succeed.

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Our Location

2650 FM 407 Suite #110
Bartonville, TX, 76226

(940) 241 - 1020


We are convienently located in the Bartonville Town Center. Our main entrance is in the back left corner of the Lantana District Offices building.

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