Karate Kids (Ages 7-11)

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Millions of children are participating in martial arts worldwide. Parents as well as child development specialists recognize its amazing physical and mental benefits.

Parents do you want your child to be able to:

✔︎ Be a better listener?
✔︎ Increase their attention span?
✔︎ Have more self-esteem?
✔︎ Improve their fitness level?
✔︎ Learn goal setting?
✔︎ Make new friends?
✔︎ And have more fun?

These are exactly what our program achieves and you will be amazed at what your child can accomplish.

We will help your child to become stronger not just physically, but emotionally, socially, and intellectually as well.

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Emotional Development

Children at this age are wonderfully stable and love to be challenged. They are learning how to tap into their emotions, but can be overwhelmed by obstacles; they may give up easily, especially when trying new things.

Our program will teach your child to show courage by setting goals and facing their fears to persevere through their challenges and be successful.

This process will build confidence and allow your child to build higher goals and achievements.

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Physical Development

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Children at this age group are increasing in strength with their gross motor skills, but typically have weaker fine motor skills.

Our program is designed to build great technique in their cool martial arts moves while applying speed, power, and balance.

They will demonstrate above average agility by being precise and intentional with their movements.

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Social Development

Children at this age enjoy interacting with others and making friends. They enjoy the spotlight, but can get frustrated when things don’t go their way.

In our martial arts program your child will learn how to properly address problems and setbacks without the constant need for feedback from the instructors

Our goal is to teach your child that it is ok to make mistakes and the proper social behavior is to learn from them and work hard to fix them.

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Intellectual Development

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Children at this age are extremely bright and curious about how everything works and the world around them.

This curiosity can make it hard for most children to concentrate because of the distractions around them

Our Program will teach them concentration by focusing on the task at hand despite other distractions.

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Leadership Program

Our Leadership and Legacy Program is a combination of Toastmasters International and Scouts. It is a public speaking and personal development curriculum for kids.

Public speaking is the #1 fear of all time and we have the right tools to help your child improve their communication skills.

3 main goals of our Leadership Program is for your child to improve in:

  1. Communication - Having a confident, clear voice and proper hand gestures

  2. Presentation - Using positive body language and eye contact

  3. Self-Motivation - Developing drive to excel and succeed.

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Our Location

2650 FM 407 Suite #110
Bartonville, TX, 76226

(940) 241 - 1020


We are convienently located in the Bartonville Town Center. Our main entrance is in the back left corner of the Lantana District Offices building.

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