4 Tips to Help Build Your Child's Confidence

4 Tips to Help Build Your Child’s Confidence

  1. Give Them Responsibilities at Home

    Let your child help around the house. Giving children responsibilities helps build their self esteem by proving their usefulness and making them feel their contribution is valuable. Simple chores like washing dishes or picking up their room is a great way to get started.

  2. Give Praise When Praise is Due

    Compliments and praise are a great way to encourage and show love to your child. However, overpraising can lower standards and create a false sense of accomplishment. If your child is not a great artist, focus on traits such as perseverance or their desire to learn something new.

  3. Let Your Child Work Through Problems

    At some point your child will face a challenge and you may feel the need to help or remove the problem all together. By doing this, you may be taking away a learning opportunity to problem solve or work through a challenging situation. Instead, let them make their own decisions which will help build confidence when facing other struggles in the future.

  4. Enroll Your Child in Martial Arts

    Martial Arts is not only a fun sport for your child to participate in, but also helps teach self discipline, focus, and confidence. Some of the benefits of Martial Arts include having the confidence to face bullies, creating a healthy lifestyle, and learning to work as a team.