Hard Work Pays Off

Last week we had our Rank Advancement camp for our students. Students ages 3 and older trained together to earn their next belt ranks. Over 5 days they put in over 15 hours of Martial Arts training. They worked extremely hard every day - having up to 4 classes in one day!

We made sure to have some fun too, mixing in dodge ball, crafts, and other games.

At the end of the week students were tested on forms, sparring, self defense, a punch and kick combination, and board breaking. Everyone did an excellent job and passed their testing!

t’s not easy putting in that much time and work every day but I am incredibly proud of the way all of our CMA students persevered to earn their new belts.

We only offer this camp once a year so if you have any questions about next year’s camp, be sure to let us know! Check out some of the pictures from last week below :)

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J MischkeComment