Martial Arts for Adults
(Ages 18 +)

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Besides being a very powerful form of self defense, The exercise you get from our martial arts program benefits the entire body and how you feel about yourself. You will have fun in a community of friendly instructors and students.

Many of our adults come to our classes for reasons like:

✔︎ Stress relief 💪💪
✔︎ Weight loss
✔︎ Increase in confidence
✔︎ Self-Defense skills
✔︎ Higher energy
✔︎ Fun with the Family

Many adults have wanted to take martial arts classes, but never had the motivation to get started.

Whatever your reason for inquiring about our classes, we’re really glad that YOU ARE HERE

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The Mental Advantage

Through regular training, the mental benefits of the martial arts quickly become apparent as you will notice improved focus and concentration. You will experience greater stress relief and improved confidence. Your overall sense of well-being will improve as well. Martial arts for adults are about much more than punching and kicking, it is a holistic approach to physical fitness and improved mental health.

1. In the Business World - the indomitable spirit of the committed martial artist pays huge dividends. Strengthen your focus and perseverance for a huge competitive advantage.

2. As a Parent - modeling respect, self-discipline and thoughtful understanding will help your children develop these attributes.

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The Physical Advantage

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By working out with purpose you will get in the best shape of your life. Our program is designed with the latest in exercise physiology and excellent cardiovascular conditioning. You will also experience a tremendous increase in energy and stamina.

Our adult martial arts program is designed to challenge all levels of fitness without feeling overwhelming. Our instructors will help to tailor the exercises to work within your fitness ability. Classes are built on a structure of cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strength and toning and flexibility using traditional martial arts training as the foundation.

Training in martial arts will make you set goals and go after them. Plus, you will have a whole team of instructors help you achieve them.

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Street Smart Self Defense

“If you’re going to spend time exercising, why not learn a skill at the same time? And if you’re learning a useful skill, why not learn a skill that can save your life – or the life of a loved one?”

No more feeling scared when you walk to your car late at night. No more wondering what to do if you were ever attacked. You'll have the skills to defend yourself, and get away. No matter where you are, you'll feel safe and secure and confident. You'll simply radiate confidence.

✔︎ Take control of your mind, body and emotions.
✔︎ Never be a victim, physically or emotionally.
✔︎ Learn self-defense skills in a fun, friendly environment.

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Our Location

2650 FM 407 Suite #110
Bartonville, TX, 76226

(940) 241 - 1020


We are convienently located in the Bartonville Town Center. Our main entrance is in the back left corner of the Lantana District Offices building.

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