Championship Martial Arts

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Building Champions in Life
Structure, Emotion, Knowledge, Legacy

Since 2016 our program for kids, teens, and adults in Lantana provides exciting martial arts training as well as character development and leadership skills.

Our high energy and fitness oriented classes are fun and challenging. We start with Structure first as a child with structure is ready to learn.

Through Emotion we are elevating child’s speed and depth of learning. When a child is learning in a highly structured environment and they care about what they do Knowledge comes to take root.

As the child progresses through ranks higher and higher they become aware of their skill and feel confident. That is when students discover Legacy as they become leaders for other students and peers.

We hope to see your child participate in our exciting martial arts program so you can see them become LEADERS as well.

It is an amazing journey and we cannot wait to be a part of it all with you.


Our Location

2650 FM 407 Suite #110
Bartonville, TX, 76226

(940) 241 - 1020


We are convienently located in the Bartonville Town Center. Our main entrance is in the back left corner of the Lantana District Offices building.

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